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Coronavirus Action Plan

The Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention takes the health and safety of our staff, speakers, and attendees very seriously. With the spread of the coronavirus or “COVID-19,”
a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we must remain vigilant in
mitigating the outbreak, especially in group settings such as the Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention. In order to safely hold this year's event, we have developed this COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan to be implemented, to the extent feasible and appropriate, throughout the convention weekend. This Plan is based on information available from the CDC and local health officials as of August 19, 2020, and is subject to change based on further information provided by the CDC and other public officials. The Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention may also amend this Plan based on operational needs.




Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention staff will perform the following duties to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure at the convention:

  • Meet with venue staff and local health officials to determine the if it is safe to hold the convention, and under what circumstances.

  • Limit attendance of the convention based on Local and State regulations.

  • Create a comprehensive Coronavirus Action Plan for exposure prevention, preparedness, and response.

  • Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizing stations at the convention venue.

  • Designate an event staff or volunteer who will serve drinks and snacks while wearing a mask and gloves.

  • Designate an event staff or volunteer to ensure people are adhering to the plan.

  • Maintain a comprehensive list of attendees and contact (phone/email) information for at least 30 days after the event.




Attendees of the Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not attend the convention if any of the statements in the registration agreement are not true for you on each day of the event.

  • A mask will be required to be worn over the mouth and nose at all times, except when seated during presentations.

  • Sit together at the same table(s) as the people you traveled to the convention with.

  • Do not change seats throughout the day.

  • Do not share any items (utensils, napkins, food or drinks, pens and notepads, and the like).

  • Do not serve yourself food or drinks from the snack table.

  • Leave the convention if any flu-like symptoms or a fever develop.

  • Sanitize and wash your hands frequently.

  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.




The following cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be followed by event staff:

  • Ensure that venue staff have thoroughly cleaned the venue before arrival.

  • Sanitize tables during the lunch break with alcohol-based disinfectant.

  • Sanitize tables after attendees leave at the end of Day 1 with an alcohol-based disinfectant.




If a member of convention staff or an attendee exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or receives a positive test during or within 7 days after the convention, the individual should:

  • Notify convention organizers immediately.

  • NOT notify other event attendees. Let event organizers work with health officials to do this in the appropriate manner, while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

  • Leave the convention immediately and not return.

  • Contact local health officials for further direction:

    • Hendricks County Health Department (317) 745-9222​

    • Indiana State Department of Health (317) 233-1325

If a member of convention staff or an attendee exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or receives a positive test during or within 7 days after the convention, event staff will:

  • Notify the local and State health departments and provide them with a comprehensive list of attendees and contact information.

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