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The Indiana Storm Chasers Convention was founded in 2011. It has been set up to educate and bring people people from around the country that love meteorology and storm chasing to swap stories, meet others, and learn! Learn more about the convention through the timeline below.

2011 Travel Map


2011 was the first Indiana Storm Chasers Convention and it was held in Greenwood, IN at the library. We had several speakers including Brian Wilkes-Chief Meteorologist from FOX59, Jason Puma-NWS Indy Meteorologist, and several more! There were 15-20 that registered for the event.



In 2012, the 2nd annual INChaserCon was held. Speakers included Brian Wilkes-Chief Meteorologist from FOX59 Indianapolis, Skip Talbot from Convective Addiction, and more! 20-30 people registered for the event.

The 2013 Indiana Storm Chasers Convention featured a variety of speakers including Met. Ken Brewer from WISH-TV 8, Joe and Tyler Allison from Allisonhouse Software, and more! We also integrated vendor booths into the event to interact with attendees. Over 40 people registered for the event.



2014 was another great year for INChaserCon with speakers such as Ben Holcomb, Dan McCarthy-Met. in Charge at the NWS Indy, Met. Brian Wilkes, and more! Over 60 people registered for the event.

The 2015 convention had over 80 people in attendance! Speakers included Dan McCarthy, Jen Ubl- Professional Photographer who awed the audience with her inspiring and incredible photography of storms and the people that were affected by them.



The 2017 Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention once again set the record for most people registered at over 170! Physical scientist and storm chaser Dr. Walker Ashley, Ham Radio Operator Jay Farlow, and NWS Meteorologists Michael Lewis and Mike Ryan were among the presenters for the event. 9 vendor booths were also set up!

2016 was the biggest year for INChaserCon yet! We had 150 people register-selling out the venue- and for the first time, had 6 presenters: Dr. Victor Gensini, Met. Danielle Dozier from FOX59, and Storm Chaser and Pilot Skip Talbot to name a few. There were also 9 vendor booths set up. To end the convention, we live-streamed the historic GOES-R launch for attendees!

2017 Travel Map



Photo courtesy of Chained Images



Photo courtesy of Chained Images

INChaserCon 2018 featured very unique presentations, including African weather station deployments and footage from ground-zero chasing Major Hurricanes Michael and Harvey. Speakers included SOO Jeffrey Logsdon from NWS Northern Indiana, Professor and SPC Researcher Dr. Nathan Hitchens, and veteran storm chaser Aaron Rigsby.

In 2019, we had five first-time speakers in our line-up! These included Professor and Research Meteorologist Dr. Robin Tanamachi from Purdue University, and Rick McCoy, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Van Wert, Ohio, who developed the Storm Ready program for the National Weather Service.



Unfortunately, the 2020 Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention had to be postponed to 2021 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Reed 2021.jpg

The 2021 Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention was an astounding 10-year anniversary event! Reed Timmer was the keynote speaker, and the lineup featured other famous faces and fan favorites, including Simon Brewer, Skip Talbot, and Brian Wilkes. Several raffle prizes were given away and we also hosted the first panel discussion.



The 11th Annual Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention brought together weather enthusiasts, storm chasers/spotters, meteorologists, and students from at least 14 states and Canada. Presentation topics included cloud seeding, radar secrets, and mental health in broadcast meteorology.


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