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Jennifer Brindley Ubl

Veteran Storm Chaser and Professional Studio Photographer

Jennifer Brindley Ubl is a professional studio portrait photographer, and has been a well-known storm chaser since documenting her first tornado fifteen years ago. 
Jennifer is the documentary photographer on a small tornado research team led by Dr. Anton Seimon in field operations over the last seven years. She has over fourteen years experience in documentary photography and is an eleven-year partner to Skip Talbot on storm chase pursuits. They have participated in many unique storm chasing related projects including working as IMAX film “Extreme Weather” support crew in the TIV and Doghouse chase vehicles. She also was a consultant and art contributor for the 2018 short film “STORMCHASER.”

Jennifer is also renowned for representing gender equality in storm chasing and is frequently sought out by media production companies accordingly. She and her work have been featured in a number of interviews, documentaries, productions and publications including those by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Outside Magazine, NPR, Sierra Magazine, many international publications such as The Telegraph and The Observer, and production companies both nationally and internationally.


3:30PM ET
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