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Stephanie Sichting

Emergency Management Director, Johnson County, Indiana

Stephanie Sichting is the EMA Director for Johnson County, Indiana. She has been the Director since 2013 with total years in the emergency management agency of 23 years. Stephanie was born and raised in Johnson County and has a strong desire to assist public safety agencies and the residents when a disaster strikes. Working together with all public safety agencies that plan and train for any incident that may affect our County is important to her, as the EMA Director, as they all are dedicated to keep citizens safe and bring in resources that are needed to recover. Keeping all county emergency plans updated is one of her many responsibilities, and she always asks for input to ensure that all response agencies know the EMA role in incidents. Stephanie's position works closely with the State Department of Homeland Security and other county EMA Directors, applying for State and Federal Grants to help bring in needed equipment to Johnson County response agencies.


1:30PM ET
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