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John Gordon

Meteorologist-in-Charge, NWS Louisville

John Gordon has been an operational meteorologist for over 35 years. John retired from the U.S. Air Force after serving over 20 years. Most of his AF career was spent as a flight meteorologist for the US Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters based in Biloxi, MS. John flew several major hurricanes including Fran 1996, Bret 1999, Isabel 2003, Frances 2004, Ivan 2004, and Katrina 2005.

Currently Chief Meteorologist of the National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office here in Louisville which serves 49 counties in central Kentucky and 10 in southern Indiana. Before Louisville, John spun up the brand new NWS office in Huntsville, Alabama from 2002-2004. Mr. Gordon received a BS in Meteorology from St. Louis University in 1986 and a Masters in Teaching in Geoscience from Mississippi State in 2002.

Besides, Huntsville, AL and Louisville, John has also worked in Oklahoma City, Germany, Jackson, MS, Springfield, MO and Nashville, TN for both the Air Force and the National Weather Service. John’s office has worked several extreme events in almost 15 years in Kentuckiana including the 2008 Hurricane Ike wind storm, March 2, 2012 Henryville, IN tornado outbreak, record ice storm of 2009, Dec 10-11 2021 Quad State Outbreak, and the August 2009 Louisville flash flood.


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