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Cameron Nixon

Severe Weather Researcher and Storm Chaser

Cameron Nixon is a researcher and storm chaser focused on understanding storm behavior. He is particularly fascinated by how the hodograph affects a storm's structure, and how storm interactions may help it produce various severe weather hazards. Ever since he got his first camera, he loved taking pictures of cool clouds. As he grew older, he realized that he could learn the language of the sky so he could be there where and when the most awe-inspiring storms unfolded. His life changed on April 9, 2015, when he stumbled into the fresh wreckage of one of his home state’s most violent tornadoes. As he watched the ground-scrubbing perpetrator churn off into the distance, he knew then that his purpose was to understand. Cameron is a recent PhD graduate of Central Michigan University. He earned his Masters Degree from Texas Tech and his Bachelor of Science from Valparaiso University.


2:30PM ET
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