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Matt Standridge

Chief Meteorologist at KFSM-TV, NW Arkansas

Matt Standridge is the chief meteorologist at KFSM-TV CBS in Fayetteville, Arkansas, tracking thunderstorms to ice storms on the Ozark Plateau.


Ever since growing up on the east end of Lake Ontario watching piles of lake-effect snow stack up, Standridge wanted to become a meteorologist. After moving to Indiana for grade school and seeing more severe weather, Standridge graduated summa cum laude at Valparaiso University with a bachelor's of science in meteorology. After graduation, he worked for the North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board as a meteorologist forecasting and tracking large hailstorms on a cloud seeding project. On some missions he was a co-pilot flying up toward the inflow of a supercell thunderstorm.


After tracking hail, Standridge joined the KFSM-TV weather team in 2017 as a weekend meteorologist. In 2020, he transferred within TEGNA to WKYC-TV for a year, and then transferred back to KFSM-TV in 2021 to become chief meteorologist.


11:00AM ET
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